Fitness Levels 1-5

  1. Comfortable walking for 15-30 minutes on level terrain without a rucksack.

  2. Comfortable walking for 1-2 hours on undulating terrain with a light rucksack.

  3. Comfortable walking in mountainous terrain for 2-5 hours with a 5-10kg rucksack

  4. Comfortable walking all day in the British mountains with a 10-15kg rucksack 

  5. Experienced in trekking with a 15kg rucksack as part of a multi day trek.

Technical Levels 1-8

  1. No technical knowledge required.

  2. Willingness to have an adventure and learn new skills.

  3. Experience of indoor climbing.

  4. Experience of outdoor climbing.

  5. Experience of multipitch rock climbing.

  6. Competent at seconding rock climbs.

  7. Outdoor rock climber looking to improve skills.

  8. Experienced mountaineer.

Fitness and technical requirements explained.

Having the correct fitness levels and technical experience for your holiday or course with Rock Skills is important. This ensures you will enjoy your trip to the full and it will be pitched at the appropriate level for you.​​